Who is Rookie Danger?



At the early age of 11, DJ Rookie Danger started his collection of music.
Getting his hands on LP’s, 12″ and 45’s varying from hip hop, reggae,
and soul music. He used earnings from a paper route job to help fund his
collection. Before attending high school, he began to make a name for
himself; DJing at bbq’s, high school events and local night clubs.
In 1998, Rookie got his first break on radio as a special guest
DJ on Toronto’s commercial radio station KISS 92.5 FM .

Rookie Danger earned his name by truth of his early engagement in the
business and his ‘dangerous’ ability to select music. In the early
2000’s, Rookie started promoting events in and around the GTA, as well as
travelling to various cities throughout Canada and the US under the sound name
Final Assassins. After high school, Rookie’s passion for music grew
that he decided to enroll himself into Trebas Institute’s Audio
Engineer program. Upon completion, Rookie worked as a Recording
Engineer at King Turbo studios where he got to work with such artists
including Alton Ellis (RIP) Freddie McGregor and Morgan Heritage. He
has also produced interviews with icons including The Mighty Sparrow,
Wayne Wonder, Luciano and Mighty Diamonds.

Rookie D’s portfolio began to build as he started his first
audio-educational seminar entitled ‘How
Sound Works’. Today Rookie has grown to be a staple in the Toronto area, and reggae
community. He works on the radio as a host on CIUT’s Morning Ride; selecting music and conducting interviews with talents in the entertainment industry. Rookie
also works as DJ/Producer on Steady Vybz with host Scabba G also on
89.5FM. Rookie recently conducted another seminar teaching audio,
visuals and event planning with his colleage Eddy David, for the LSA
program in the Jane-Finch community.

Rookie Danger believes he is truly doing his calling. He loves to
educate others, as well as himself. He continues to perfect his craft
as a gift to his fans and lovers of music. For more information on Rookie
Danger, for interviews or booking inquiries contact directly at info@rookiedanger.com


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